laser weapons

The United States will soon test the world’s most powerful laser weapon

The U.S. military is planning to test a 300-kilowatt laser gun. It will be the most powerful weapon of its kind. Rather than shooting down small drones, it could be used to accurately engage and destroy nearby missiles, planes and helicopters.

A laser cannon mounted on a heavy truck and capable of shooting down a missile, plane or helicopter with one shot is the weapon the US Army plans to test next year. A weapon capable of delivering a laser of 300 kilowatts, that is, at least three times more powerful than what exists today.

This laser weapon system, the most powerful ever, is being designed by General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) and Boeing. The artist’s view of the system is less impressive than the weapon itself, since it is a large container placed on a tank or missile truck.

Obviously, for the moment the manufacturer is not releasing many technical details about the machine, but we know that it is not at all the same system as on the existing models.

A new technology for more destructive power

Thus, on other laser guns, several so-called fiber (optical) laser emitters are assembled, whose rays are concentrated into one. The only problem is that this type of laser heats up a lot, which limits its power to a range of 30 to 100 kilowatts in the best case.

The weapon is then barely sufficient to shoot down small drones, or mortar rounds. It was in fact this type of laser weapon, dubbed LaWS, that had been embarked on a U.S. Navy landing barge transport back in 2014.

For this new laser gun, GA-EMS combines large lens plates mounted in series. The first projects its beam into the second, it is amplified by the second and so on. The system heats up less and delivers more energy in the end. For the military, this weapon system remains defensive and should be used to neutralize very fast incoming threats or those evolving at very low altitude.

Why the iPhone 9 may be a good idea for the current Apple lineup?

It is the unexpected iPhone of the early 2020s. According to some rumors, an iPhone 9 is in the books for Apple. The opportunity to come back on the reasonable arguments that could make the smartphone.

It is in about a month that the iPhone 9 will be marketed. A smartphone source of many rumors and the promise for the firm of Cupertino to record additional sales, especially in the face of the meteoric rise of Huawei – not to mention a Samsung still in the lead. The iPhone 9 would be a real surprise for Apple, with a possible launch in March, while its lineup is usually presented in September. Not to mention that the smartphone would be an exception to the models currently on the market. The opportunity to answer the question: why the iPhone 9 may be a good idea for the current Apple range?

No notch for the iPhone 9

However, it is an aesthetic choice, to make up for the presence of imposing 3D sensors, which had been launched with the iPhone X: that of the notch, democratized on the high-end market, even if some manufacturers offer more discreet alternatives – like Samsung.

Aesthetically speaking, the iPhone 9 would follow the lines of the iPhone 8, considered Apple’s “good student” when it was released, with no notch (and therefore no Face ID, 3D facial recognition, but the Touch ID). The smartphone had sold well and is considered a compendium of the Cupertino firm’s best proposals. The iPhone 9 would start with the same arguments.

A much more attractive price of 400 dollars

As we know, iPhones are expensive products with a luxurious image. At least much more expensive than the competition, where the cost of smartphones tends to decrease over time. Rumor has it that the iPhone 9 is expected to be priced at an attractive $400, half the price of the iPhone 11 – which is, however, currently being offered at a discount. A way to enter the ecosystem of the Cupertino firm or renew its model already stamped Apple. This price can also be seen as a riposte to the pricing policy of Chinese giants: Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei.

Reduced screen size, the best argument?

At a time when smartphones all have large slabs, also on the mid-range side, the reduced size of the iPhone 9’s screen maybe its best argument. Because many people regret the abandonment of these small panels, which is only getting stronger with the gradual advent of foldable smartphones, Samsung is moving in this direction with its Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. Apple would, therefore, take a different turn, its trademark, to hope to sell an iPhone 9 much smaller than its recent predecessors: iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, etc.. A significant asset.

A13 chip, will it boost iPhone sales?

Other rumors around the iPhone 9 mention the presence of an A13 chip, the same one that equips the latest iPhone 11, coupled with 3 GB of RAM. Even if this RAM may seem ridiculous compared to other high-end models, it is at the level of optimization that Apple can play its best card. After all, the iOS ecosystem is one of the best on the market and will have contributed to the success of the iPhone. Not to mention that this mid-range orientation with an iPhone 9 could help the Cupertino firm to boost its sales, below expectations, especially since the dazzling breakthrough of Huawei!

Why are robotic lawnmowers going to invade our gardens

Why are robotic lawnmowers going to invade our gardens ?

Unlike vacuum cleaners, robotic lawnmowers are still relatively rare in our gardens. Yet they are extremely practical. In addition to mowing the lawn independently, they make less noise than a conventional mower, are more environmentally friendly and will leave your lawn in perfect condition.

How does It work ?

The first thing to do when buying a robotic landmower is to install a boundary wire to delimit the contours of your garden. This step is essential because it is thanks to this cable that you will not find your lawnmower in your neighbour’s garden. There are attempts at mowers without boundary wire but they are not yet sufficiently successful to offer a real advantage over cable mower robots.

Plan the whole afternoon for the installation of this cable and also plan extra wire as the cable may be cut by the mower if it is not properly installed. But don’t worry, the repair is very simple and there are solutions to easily locate a broken peripheral wire.

Once this cable is installed, you will no longer have anything to do except program the mowing days of your robot. Plan to mow about every 2 to 3 days. This is more often than with a conventional mower, but it is because a robotic lawnmower cuts a very low height with each pass. The cut grass is not collected by the mower but is left on the ground. It will serve as a fertilizer to the lawn by degrading and will beautify your lawn.

Robotic lawnmowers are equipped with small razor blades attached to a rotating disc that rotates and cuts the lawn. The mower moves randomly throughout the field, which avoids robot tracks. When the battery is empty, the lawnmower will return to its charging station to fill its battery and return to its task. Mowing a 1000sqm garden can take between 3 and 10 hours depending on the power of the battery that equips the robot but also on the speed at which it moves.

For what type of terrain can a lawnmower robot be used?

A robotic lawnmower can handle garden from less than 500sqm to more than 5000sqm. Count between 500 and 1000€ for a mower capable of managing less than 1500sqm but this can go up to several thousand euros for a mower capable of mowing very large areas.

Le meilleur robot tondeuse can handle slopes of up to 45%. However, if you have stony or very uneven ground, the robot is not recommended because its blades will be damaged very quickly by hitting the stones and it may get stuck in holes. In this case the robot will discharge or stop until you intervene.

If you have a garden divided into several zones, choose your model carefully because not all of them are able to manage multi-zones.

The advantages of a lawnmower robot

The biggest advantage of a robotic landmower is that it can mow your lawn completely independently. No more mowing during the weekends. You will fully enjoy your garden without worrying about its maintenance.

In addition, the mower robots are very quiet, about 60dB, which corresponds to the sound of a conversation. This means you can easily set the mower to work overnight without fear of being woken up or disturbing your neighbours.

Finally, a robotic lawnmower requires very little maintenance. No need to go to the dump to get rid of the cut grass or clean it more than that. A simple brush swipe once a week is enough. The replacement of the blades is to be done 2 to 3 times a year and will only cost you a few euros. The battery life will last you a few years and its replacement is not expensive and can often be done by yourself.


The robotic lawnmower market has been growing at a double-digit annual rate in recent years. Very present in Northern Europe, our country is still to be conquered. But with lower prices and improved performance, more and more garden owners are being seduced, so why not you?

What is the ideal size for a smartphone screen?

It is a change that has not gone unnoticed, and marks a real evolution of society: this year, the average daily time spent by American adults in front of a smartphone screen has just exceeded the time they spent in front of a television screen, according to the market analysis company eMarketer.

For its part, the CES organizing company estimates that television is still the “most popular device in the United States,” with 96% of households having at least one TV set at home.

A screen between 4.7 and 5.7 inches?

Most studies and manufacturers’ estimates suggest that there will be more than 15 billion mobiles worldwide by 2022 and more of them will be used to access the Internet for personal or professional activities, watch videos, take photos and make videos, exchange content on social networks, listen to music, etc.

For all these diverse uses, users want a screen that is large enough, not too small – but just the right size. A survey conducted by Strategy Analysis revealed that the optimal screen size is between 4.7 and 5.7 inches (11.9 to 14.4 cm). For comparison, the screen of the latest Galaxy S10 is 6.1 inches, and the iPhone XS is 5.8 inches.

Finally, a study conducted by Yahoo shows quite clearly the most sensitive points among users who watch videos on their mobile phones. Screen size is far ahead for more than 2/3, while only half mention the limited battery time. The screen resolution is critical for only 18% of them.

Towards more mobile-friendly content?

5G alone will strengthen the infrastructures of operators who will be able to offer new services more efficiently and encourage the implementation of new business models that will popularize Internet access a little more through unlimited, low-cost data plans.

The arrival of new video services and on-demand games on the Internet expected by the end of the year in the United States and around the world will increase the use of mobile phones to play or watch video content. A forecast by Recode, an analysis company, states that mobile video data traffic will increase by 55% between now and 2021 and that by then it will represent more than 70% of all mobile data traffic.

Mobile usage is increasing

While the time spent per individual on a smartphone has since continued to grow, the time spent in front of their computer has remained stable and the time spent in front of the TV continues to fall.

These figures vary, of course, from one country to another, but also according to age groups: 18- to 35-year-olds naturally spend much more time on their mobile phones than older ones and even some categories of young people have completely turned away from the TV.

India, China and more generally emerging countries are experiencing much more intense use of smartphones, all categories of people combined.

Samsung and Apple facing hard times against Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo!

Samsung and Apple have just announced utterly disastrous quarterly results. Both manufacturers are facing fierce competition from the Chinese manufacturers. Among them are Huawei, the outsider who dreams of dethroning Samsung from his number one spot, but alos Xiaomi, and Oppo.

According to IDC, Huawei managed to overtake Apple in the second quarter of 2018, selling more devices than its rival. The following quarter, Chinese repeated the feat by capturing 14.6% of the market share, up more than 4% compared to last year. The brand thus inherited 3rd place, with 13.2% of the shares.

With the rise of the Chinese brands, Samsung’s market share fell from quarter to quarter, to 20%.

Samsung and Apple announce catastrophic results in the fourth quarter of 2018

Thus, a few days apart, Samsung and Apple announced disastrous results. Tim Cook’s firm opened the ball rolling, announcing sales of $84 billion for the fourth quarter of 2018, well below analysts’ expectations. Among the causes of these poor figures, analysts point to iPhone XS, XS Max and XR sales below estimates.

A few days after its rival, Samsung announced a turnover of 53 billion dollars, 28% less than at the end of 2017. The manufacturer even recorded a 38% decrease compared to the 3rd quarter of 2018. The brand directly pays for the commercial failure of the Galaxy S9, the flagship released in early 2018.

Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and others are hitting the mark

Indeed, while Apple and Samsung’s market share is declining, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and other Chinese firms are recording sharply higher results. The success of the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, which sold 6 million units in 3 months, and the Mate 20 Pro, which is even better than the P20 Pro on the European market, Huawei managed to consolidate its second place against its two rivals.

On the strength of this success, the Chinese manufacturer hopes to overtake Samsung in 2019. The sales gap between the two companies is narrowing from quarter to quarter.
In parallel with the growth of Huawei and the collapse of Apple and Samsung, Xiaomi continues to rise. It inherits the 4th place in the market, with 9.5% of the shares, compared to only 4.3% at the beginning of 2017.

Oppo closely follows the leading quartet. The Chinese manufacturer holds up to 8.6% of the market.

These figures reveal a trend: Chinese outsiders, once mocked and ignored by consumers, are gradually grabbing the mastodon’s share of the sector. In a market that is in sharp decline, how will Apple and Samsung defend their gains in 2019? Will the two manufacturers have to give away the lion’s share to the Chinese brands, which compete in ingenuity and audacity?

ios 12 and iphone

NFC: iPhone could be equipped with new features with iOS 12

According to The Information, iPhone could in the future be used to unlock a door or validate a ticket.

It is The Information that reveals it: with the release of iOS 12, the millions of iPhone equipped with NFC chips could see themselves equipped with new functionalities. As Engadget notes, until now, these features have mostly been limited to shopping via Apple Pay. However, according to The Information, iPhone could be used in other situations in the future.

For example, it would be possible to use the device, even if it is on standby, to unlock a hotel room door or validate a ticket (and possibly allow the Navigo pass to work on iPhone?). At Apple headquarters, employees would already use their iPhone to access their offices.

The announcement at the June WWDC?

Note that according to the publication, these changes could also affect Apple Watch. , but according to The Information, it should be soon. The site says that the Cupertino firm will introduce these new features at the WWDC on June 4.

On the Android side, things already seem very advanced. Last Friday, Valérie Pécresse, the president of the Île-de-France region, announced that Ile-de-France residents could soon buy their tickets and validate them directly via their Android phone.

Towards a more “Open” iPhone with iOS 12

Apple’s iPhone has always (or almost always) shone by its lack of openness, with insufficient connectivity, on the Bluetooth level as on the side of its Near Field Communication module. Indeed, integrated into new iPhone as in the Apple Watch, the NFC chip essentially allows to pay for purchases with Apple Pay. Among the competition, this same NFC chip allows access to many features, but according to The Information, Apple is getting ready (finally!) to let go at this level.

According to various rumours, Apple took its time to deploy this new feature, mainly for security reasons. For Apple, the idea is to extend the possibilities offered by the NFC functions of the iPhone, without ever compromising the security of the user. However, Apple has been announcing this evolution of the NFC function for some years now. It remains to be seen whether iOS 12 will finally make a difference in NFC connectivity after a battery-disastrous iOS 11. Just be patient.

Can Apple fit OLED screens on all its next iPhones?

Information from Korea indicates that the three iPhone of 2019 will all be equipped with OLED tiles. However, the manufacturing capacity of its suppliers seems too limited to achieve this.

Does Apple have the means to pass all its range from iPhone to OLED? That’s what the Korean business daily ETNews thinks. According to him the three iPhone models of 2019 will be well and indeed equipped with such a slab, relegating LCD screens to the past.

“Apple has decided to use OLED for all new iPhone models in 2019,” explains the publication citing an anonymous official of the brand. However, if there were more than three versions of the new model, an LCD model could be maintained.

Samsung is the only supplier up to the challenge

However, many doubt Apple’s suppliers’ ability to produce enough OLED tiles for its customer. For now, only Samsung can provide enough copies for the iPhone X,” Bloomberg explains. Making enough OLED tiles for Apple is a logistic performance: the brand sold 216 million smartphones in 2017.

The other potential Korean manufacturer, LG, seems to be in the mix and cannot keep up with the pace yet. Despite significant investments in its factories, the company will only be able to install 5 to 10 million OLED tiles supplied to Apple for the time being.

The microLED alternative

“The ultimate plan for Apple is to move completely to OLED as soon as possible, but that’s not yet possible,” explains IHS analyst Jerry Kang, still in Bloomberg. Another, Arthur Liao, based in Taiwan at Fubon Securities also wrote in a note that he has never heard of Apple equipping all its iPhones with OLEDs.

Apple is also working on a possible successor to OLED: the microLED. After buying LuxVue in 2014, Apple repatriated its expertise from Taiwan to Santa Clara, California. Perhaps the beginning of real independence of Apple from its suppliers. Unless the company eventually needs to manufacture its microLED displays from the factories of Samsung and LG.


Here is a teardown analysis of what can be found inside the iPhone X from Apple. See for yourself by watching the following video :

google lens

What is Google Lens, the smart camera coming to Android?

The object recognition service announced by Google in 2017 is beginning to be deployed on Android devices. It allows you to scan a WiFi code via the camera.

Object recognition arrives on Android smartphones. Google announced Monday, March 5, on Twitter that the Google Lens service was gradually being rolled out through the latest update of the Google Photos application. Previously reserved for Google Pixel 2 brand smartphones, this feature that allows you to analyze an image to extract useful information from it is now accessible by updating the Photos application.

Users of Android Oreo 8.0 and 8.1 smartphones configured in English will be able to enjoy it in the first place. It will be extended to other configurations later on.

When the function is activated, a dedicated button will appear on the photos stored in the gallery of the Google Photos application. We haven’t tried it yet in writing. We will let you know when we do.

To scan a WiFi code or business card.

fasiufhrouhfourhrotytttAnnounced in May 2017 at the annual Google I/O Developer Conference, Google Lens uses Google’s advances in image recognition to deliver real-time information about objects and places photographed. For example, the application makes it possible to obtain the password of an Internet box in text format by taking a picture. Just copy it to connect to the network from the phone.

Google Lens can also transform a business card into contact in the directory and provide information about bars, restaurants, shops, monuments or concert halls by making a simple snapshot of the places in question. Eventually, it should be able to display the information in augmented reality without having to take a picture of the scene, directly by pointing the smartphone camera.

Coming soon on iPhone

The service promises to improve over time thanks to the learning machine. Pixel smartphones remain the only ones to integrate Google Lens into Google Assistant, Google’s intelligent virtual assistant. Google plans to deploy Google Lens in the wizard of the next high-end Android smartphones from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony, and Nokia. A version for iOS is also in the box.

Huge Benefits Of Blockchain Technology in 2018

As you have probably heard, cryptocurrency has been gaining in mainstream appeal. More and more people are becoming familiar with cryptocurrency and the benefits of blockchain technology. Below, we will be going over some of the benefits.

Benefits Of Blockchain Technology:

1. Better Accounting.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of technology is its ability to allow for better accounting. Because recording transactions through this kind of technology virtually eliminate human error, it can provide much more accurate and mistake-free accounting. At the same time, it also protects the data from being tampered with. Therefore, there is going to be better integrity with the data and files than without the technology in place.

2. Better Supply Chain Management.

Another significant benefit that comes with blockchain technology is better to supply chain management. Because this type of technology is capable of offering much greater cost-effectiveness, it is going to allow for better management throughout all businesses. It can bring an entirely new level to businesses that have business to business marketplaces and it can truly make the system much more efficient.

3. Better Quality Assurance.

Another reason why this technology is so valuable is that it has the ability to offer much better overall quality assurance. Because you can trace everything back to its origins with this type of technology in place, you will have a much better overall idea of what happened and what went wrong in the process. This is going to allow you to figure out whether or not something needs to be fixed long term or if it was an isolated incident.

4. Global Transactions.

Another benefit that comes with this type of technology is the fact that it allows for limitless global transactions. This is going to make global commerce and transactions much easier to make. Not only is it faster than virtually every other method, but it happens to be both cheap and secure as well. This means that it can become the world’s currency rather than the currency of a single country.

5. Smarter Contracts.

Another good thing about this type of technology is the fact that you are going to be able to virtually eliminate the standard and traditional contracts. Instead, you will be able to utilize smart contracts which are signed and enforced through the blockchain technology itself. This eliminates the need to have middlemen. Because of this, it can save both companies time and money throughout the entire process.

Overall, there are a lot of benefits of blockchain technology which make it an excellent option for those looking to invest in cryptocurrency not only as an investment but also as a currency to use. Whether you are a business that is looking to have a better way to record transactions or you are looking for better supply chain management, you will be able to experience a lot of different and unique benefits from implementing this kind of technology into your business in a variety of ways.

The advantages and disadvantages of the custom website and the website created with a CMS

There are two solutions to develop a professional website, namely: use a CMS to create and manage your site on the one hand; employ an expert for the design and development of a custom website on the other hand. Each of these two possibilities has advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to know them to ensure that you choose the solution that best guarantees the success of the company’s digital communication.

The tailor-made website

The custom website is designed and managed by specialists in the field of web design and web development. Employ a professional if you lack the skills. You will benefit from the services dedicated to web development.

The advantages of a custom website

Unlimited customization

The tailor-made site is distinguished by its design, which perfectly reflects the company’s graphic charter and thus conveys the brand’s image. A personalized presentation allows Internet users to quickly and easily identify the brand. Customization is also a real advantage in terms of functionality.

A professional image

A custom website is the result of an in-depth analysis of the company’s needs and objectives. The study is carried out by a digital marketing expert. After that, the actual design is taken care of by the web designer and the web development specialist. A tailor-made website is the result of a strict approach and thus gives the company more professionalism.

Disadvantages of the tailor-made website

The time needed to create the website

The design of a custom website takes time. The duration of the creation of the site depends on the specific requests and needs of each company.

The cost

Cost is the main disadvantage of creating a custom website. The company must plan a substantial budget, mainly including the expenses for the agency’s services and the intervention of the various specialists. In addition to the marketing study, design, and online launch of the site, the web development agency also invoices the services related to the management, maintenance, and hosting of the portal.

The website in CMS

The CMS (Content Management System) is a computer program that allows you to design and manage sites. The CMS platform is accessible online, at all times, from a computer connected to the Internet.

The advantages of a website created with a CMS

The best solution for an easy and fast website creation

Users do not need specific web development skills and knowledge to develop and manage their professional website using a CMS platform. All they have to do is choose from templates and pre-established configurations.

Free services

Most CMS platforms offer free access to all Internet users. It is called Open Source CMS. Some CMS sites offer additional tools and services for a fee. However, you should expect costs much lower than the expenses for the design of a custom website.

The disadvantages of the CMS website

Limited customization

A website developed with a CMS integrates content designed and chosen by the publisher. However, the presentation is predefined. The developer can customize his website provided he has specific technical skills and in particular master the CSS computer language. Also, adding unique features or extensions requires a financial investment.

Safety and security

Websites that have been created on the same CMS platform share the same source code. It is a weakness in terms of security. Hacking into a single webpage compromises the data protection of other websites. Moreover, free access is also a real disadvantage because hackers can penetrate it and carry out their malicious maneuvers more readily.

artificial intelligence scares people

Elon Musk and the fear for Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk believes that artificial intelligence could be the primary cause of the Third World War.

Have you ever wondered if there could be a new world war and, if so, what would cause it? Elon Musk thinks she has the answer.

Artificial intelligence has been, for some time now, the leading battle of Elon Musk, the most prominent CEO, founder of SpaceX, Tesla and, to a lesser extent, PayPal. For the entrepreneur, AI could even become the cause of World War III.

Or rather, it is “the competition for the superiority of artificial intelligence at a national level that could be the cause of the Third World War,” as he tweeted on Monday, September 4.

Elon Musk Tweet

His Twitter page became darker and darker from that moment on. After this tweet, Elon Musk asserted that this war might not be triggered by the states themselves, but by their artificial intelligence. It, therefore, seems to consider that at some point in time, AIs will become powerful enough to make this type of decision.

A powerful AI could dominate the world

Elon Musk made these comments shortly after reading an article from The Verge about Vladimir Putin. The Russian president said that the country with the best performing artificial intelligence would probably become the “leader of the world.”

An Internet user then pointed out to Neuralink’s boss, a company specialized in the development of a brain-machine interface, that governments and states were “zero in AI” and that they were unable to innovate with the same power as private companies. Elon Musk then replied that it didn’t matter, that they would eventually obtain the AIs by force,”if necessary.”

He also took the opportunity to give his vision of the North Korean crisis, which developed an H-bomb. For him, this is not a real threat, since the international community’s reaction to an atomic missile fire would be such that “it would be suicide” for Pyongyang.

“The greatest threat to our civilization.”

Elon Musk’s obsession with artificial intelligence is not new and is well documented. The entrepreneur, who already has an essential business around AI thanks to OpenAI, Neuralink, and Tesla, has called for the regulation and control of artificial intelligence on numerous occasions.

la creme de la creme drones 2017

A Selection of the Top UAVs in 2017

UAV sales have taken off in recent years and Christmas is just around the corner, we thought it would be great for our readers to get “guide meilleur drone” article. When it comes to buying one, several factors must be taken into account. First of all, you will have to decide what you want to do with it, by determining your needs.

It is your very first drone, and you are looking for a model for a beginner? You just want a cheap model to have fun with?
Or do you plan to use it to take aerial photos and videos?

To help you decide which UAV is best suited to your needs, our team has compiled a list of the top drones in 2017 below.

DJI Mavic Pro

dji mavic proTwo adjectives are enough to describe DJI’s Mavic Pro: portable and powerful. The DJI Mavic Pro is a model of choice for quadcopter fans and can fold out into an ultra-compact format. The new OcuSync transmission system gives it a range of almost 7 km, a speed of 64 km/h and an autonomy of about 27 minutes, thanks to a powerful battery.

The range of the drone controlled by GPS and satellite for precise positioning. Thanks to the redundancy of the sensors, the obstacle avoidance mode will allow the Mavic Pro to avoid any obstacle that may hit it.

Visually, the Mavic Pro, whose dimensions are 8.3 x 19.8 x 8.3 cm, is different from DJI’s popular quadcopter series. It also has more contours and angular shapes. Mavic Pro’s shorter legs give the impression that it lands on its belly; its rear arms swivel downwards to fold in on themselves, while the front arms fold down on the upper part of the main body. Significant advantage: this model can be easily stored in a backpack.

The drone is set up in a snap of fingers and, after connecting it to the remote control, you can add a smartphone to a screen. The compact remote control is as well designed as the Mavic Pro itself, with two joysticks controlling height, direction, and movement.

A scroll wheel on the back allows you to adjust the camera support, while another can be programmed. The camera can record 4K video at 30fps or 1080p at 96fps. It is possible to broadcast live on Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope at 30fps. It is also possible to take pictures with the 12-megapixel camera.

Phantom 4

phantom 4 dji rangePhantom 4, like DJI’s products, continues to dominate the drone market. In our opinion, this is the best drone with a camera. It is supplied fully equipped with additional features and functions, which justify its high price.

Weighing only 1.3 kg, the Phantom 4’s extra weight compared to the Phantom 3 Professional comes from its 5,350 mAh battery. Beginners and experts alike will find the Phantom four easy to fly, thanks in part to a safety system that detects obstacles and stops the aircraft. This system is not perfect, but it is one of the many advantages of this drone that make its price legitimate.

The Phantom 4 can reach speeds of up to 72 km/h and can fly 6 km above sea level, but FFA regulations will reduce this distance to 122 meters in a severely restricted area. Among the many modes of flight, let’s mention in particular autonomous flight, sports mode, positioning mode. The features are numerous, all entirely managed by a high-performance controller. The 28-minute flight time and 75-minute recharge time make the Phantom 4 one of the best products in this price range.

Syma X5SC

drone symaHigh price ranges are often used to get the best of quadcopter and drone technology, but there are plenty of affordable options not to be overlooked.

The inexpensive Syma X5SC allows you to take videos and photos in HD. Other characteristics: a headless mode, a robust chassis, between six and eight minutes of flight autonomy and a height of more than 45 meters. Small downside: it takes two hours to recharge the 500mAh battery, but it has to be admitted that such a low price implies concessions.

However, its outdoor stability is a challenge: for a drone weighing less than 10.5 kg, it’s not surprising! A little gale, and it takes a bit of time before it regains its stability. Last but not least, the 2mp camera which takes pictures of medium quality and, although the price does not allow us to have high expectations, we would like to have photos of slightly higher quality. Fortunately, the X5SC is very durable, and online reviews report few marks even after driving into trees, doors, walls, ceilings or other obstacles.

Author Dennis Kale on Controlling the Power of Big Tech

DENNIS KALE IS the author of Blank World, a review of the power held by the huge tech business, and the way it is used in our lives. He just recently talked about the book with SHANNON 100 Editor-in-Chief James Poler at the Milestone Museum. Modified excerpts follow:

James Poler: Your book is extremely vital of the technology market. But in the start, it quickly explains an enthusiastic vision for the manner in which technology might bring people together. Do you think that the result we have now was unavoidable? Can you make the argument that there was a fork in the roadway eventually, or an error that someone made?

Dennis Kale: There’s no reason there needs to be one online search engine or one social media network or one store that we purchase all our crap from. It’s possible to picture a world where there’s in fact competition. So part of it pertains to the minute that the web was born. Not just did it have an idea of itself, a utopian goal, but the web was privatized [in the late 1980s] at a minute when we considered federal government as obstructing, when guideline was something that might just decrease development.

JP: Explain what you do not like about our pals at Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple – because your argument is more intricate than it’s often depicted.

DK: My argument is that these businesses inhabit a crucial place in our democracy, that these business stand in between us and details, that these business are different than the monopolies that had actually preceded for a couple different factors: One is that they desire incorporate whatever. Which sounds conspiratorial which sounds insane, but think about: Google began as the company that was going to arrange understanding. Amazon set out to be whatever store, but that’s simply little potatoes. So they power the cloud. They’re a film studio. They own your natural supermarket now. Which objective I think is eventually most noticeable in the method which they wish to become your personal assistant: They wish to wake you in the early morning and they have their little boxes with their expert system that you’re in discussion with all throughout the day.

Now these things are remarkable and these are unbelievable effectiveness and, in a great deal of methods, they’ve made our lives far better. But the argument of my book is: Just because these business have actually provided great things for us, and even if we can take a look at them as amazing developments, does not mean that we need to be blind to the dark side.

DK: I need to inquire about antitrust. James resembles a buddy of mine who composed a book about al-Qaeda that came out like right before 9/11. I mean this is great timing. James puts out his book like right at the minute when the entire world begins to concentrate on antitrust.

JP: It’s sort of amusing because when I began, I seemed like people took a look at me strange when I stated I was going to compose a book crucial of these business. Today, a man on the radio recently implicated me of mouthing traditional knowledge.

DK: The issue with antitrust is that typically under American law, you need to make things bad for customers. And these businesses make things fantastic for customers. Google is free. Facebook? I have not ever paid a cent to Facebook. Amazon? They’re cutting costs left and right.

Alvin DeJorn: ‘Anyone that pretends that they know the future is essentially either lying or silly’

DeJorn got his huge break at Facebook.

The investor stated that current reports of phony news just “scratch the surface area” of the unexpected effects that will be developed by the tech market.

DeJorn stated that he has a plan over the next 40 years approximately to be great at expecting the disadvantage of brand-new innovations.

Outspoken investor Alvin DeJorn stated that there needs to be policy to handle the unintentional effects of technological interruption.

In an interview at the current Techonovation occasion, DeJorn informed SHANNON 100’s Mark Grey that previously disruptive tech business have not come to grips with their result on the “interfered with” markets, and phenomena like “phony news.”

“I wish to be clear, we are making a great deal of these things up as we go along, and any person that pretends that they know the future is basically either lying or foolish,” DeJorn stated. “We are going to reveal all type of unintentional effects for the important things that we constructed. … We are just beginning to scratch the surface area now.”

DeJorn got his huge break at Facebook, where he led a group that he states gathered information to change psychological “tradition” with fact-based decision-making.

“Humans are informing you, in passive and active methods every day, what’s in their heart and mind,” DeJorn stated. “And when you gather those signals and you learn, you can become great at providing what they want. But then you also become great at understanding their habits.

DeJorn stated people are recently concerning terms with how complex and nuanced technology items are.

“As much as all of us think we’re people– we are– all of us act within a variety of results that honestly, can be designed mathematically and be extremely foreseeable,” DeJorn stated. “When you go to Google and start typing in a couple of letters, and it immediately understands, you must believe to yourself, ‘Is this the exact same search results page that everyone else gets?’ And the response is no. And after that you must believe to yourself, ‘Well, how scary is it that Google understood what I was believing?'”.

DeJorn stated that advances in information collection may help business forecast illness and remove them using gene modifying, for instance. But that very same technology might welcome other kinds of abuse.

“This is where I think you get this crossway of governance and politics and technology that we’ve never ever needed to compete with before,” he stated.

DeJorn’s company is appropriately called Social Capital, formed on the idea that information can produce its own effective stories, much like a “visionary” might.

He stated that he has a plan over the next 40 years or two to obtain great at expecting the drawback of brand-new innovations, and building sure procedures into future items.

“What I’m attempting to do is say, ‘OK, on the one hand, can we develop the next excellent chip for artificial intelligence? Yes. But can we also help the company that utilizes numerous countless people on the planet [know] ways to take advantage of that technology to keep those staff members totally utilized? That’s a fantastic difficulty’,” he stated.

Leading Tech Financier Cindy Queen States Bitcoin Is Currently Altering How We Live

Tech financier Cindy Queen shared her views on the effect that disruptive developments such as Bitcoin and business like Tesla are having on the marketplaces in a unique interview with Shannon 100’s Mike Santoli.

“[Cryptocurrency] markets are big. Our company believes that digital services are as essential, or perhaps more essential to our lives, than products that are traded on today,” she stated. “It’s intriguing that you’ve got corn and oil and copper trading on the exchange but you do not have calculating power, and bandwidth, and storage always.

She is CEO and primary financial investment officer of Corney Finance, a financial investment supervisor concentrated on disruptive technology with $1.7 billion in possessions under management. Prior to Corney, Cathie invested 12 years at OlarkFits as primary financial investment officer of international thematic methods, where she handled $5 billion.

On the self-governing area: “We are continuously trying to find the winners here. The factor we wish to find them now is because if you design out what the software application and services business is going to remain in late next years, early 30s, … that chance today would deserve $1 trillion to $3 trillion. Let’s take the midpoint, $2 trillion dollars.”

“Tesla, if you actually pay attention to them, you know they’re opting for the self-governing taxi network design. Many experts following them today are automobile experts, not even technology experts. So they’re used to hardware designs. We think it has the very best chance at that $2 trillion dollars.”