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What is Google Lens, the smart camera coming to Android?

The object recognition service announced by Google in 2017 is beginning to be deployed on Android devices. It allows you to scan a WiFi code via the camera.

Object recognition arrives on Android smartphones. Google announced Monday, March 5, on Twitter that the Google Lens service was gradually being rolled out through the latest update of the Google Photos application. Previously reserved for Google Pixel 2 brand smartphones, this feature that allows you to analyze an image to extract useful information from it is now accessible by updating the Photos application.

Users of Android Oreo 8.0 and 8.1 smartphones configured in English will be able to enjoy it in the first place. It will be extended to other configurations later on.

When the function is activated, a dedicated button will appear on the photos stored in the gallery of the Google Photos application. We haven’t tried it yet in writing. We will let you know when we do.

To scan a WiFi code or business card.

fasiufhrouhfourhrotytttAnnounced in May 2017 at the annual Google I/O Developer Conference, Google Lens uses Google’s advances in image recognition to deliver real-time information about objects and places photographed. For example, the application makes it possible to obtain the password of an Internet box in text format by taking a picture. Just copy it to connect to the network from the phone.

Google Lens can also transform a business card into contact in the directory and provide information about bars, restaurants, shops, monuments or concert halls by making a simple snapshot of the places in question. Eventually, it should be able to display the information in augmented reality without having to take a picture of the scene, directly by pointing the smartphone camera.

Coming soon on iPhone

The service promises to improve over time thanks to the learning machine. Pixel smartphones remain the only ones to integrate Google Lens into Google Assistant, Google’s intelligent virtual assistant. Google plans to deploy Google Lens in the wizard of the next high-end Android smartphones from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony, and Nokia. A version for iOS is also in the box.