The advantages and disadvantages of the custom website and the website created with a CMS

There are two solutions to develop a professional website, namely: use a CMS to create and manage your site on the one hand; employ an expert for the design and development of a custom website on the other hand. Each of these two possibilities has advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to know them to ensure that you choose the solution that best guarantees the success of the company’s digital communication.

The tailor-made website

The custom website is designed and managed by specialists in the field of web design and web development. Employ a professional if you lack the skills. You will benefit from the services dedicated to web development.

The advantages of a custom website

Unlimited customization

The tailor-made site is distinguished by its design, which perfectly reflects the company’s graphic charter and thus conveys the brand’s image. A personalized presentation allows Internet users to quickly and easily identify the brand. Customization is also a real advantage in terms of functionality.

A professional image

A custom website is the result of an in-depth analysis of the company’s needs and objectives. The study is carried out by a digital marketing expert. After that, the actual design is taken care of by the web designer and the web development specialist. A tailor-made website is the result of a strict approach and thus gives the company more professionalism.

Disadvantages of the tailor-made website

The time needed to create the website

The design of a custom website takes time. The duration of the creation of the site depends on the specific requests and needs of each company.

The cost

Cost is the main disadvantage of creating a custom website. The company must plan a substantial budget, mainly including the expenses for the agency’s services and the intervention of the various specialists. In addition to the marketing study, design, and online launch of the site, the web development agency also invoices the services related to the management, maintenance, and hosting of the portal.

The website in CMS

The CMS (Content Management System) is a computer program that allows you to design and manage sites. The CMS platform is accessible online, at all times, from a computer connected to the Internet.

The advantages of a website created with a CMS

The best solution for an easy and fast website creation

Users do not need specific web development skills and knowledge to develop and manage their professional website using a CMS platform. All they have to do is choose from templates and pre-established configurations.

Free services

Most CMS platforms offer free access to all Internet users. It is called Open Source CMS. Some CMS sites offer additional tools and services for a fee. However, you should expect costs much lower than the expenses for the design of a custom website.

The disadvantages of the CMS website

Limited customization

A website developed with a CMS integrates content designed and chosen by the publisher. However, the presentation is predefined. The developer can customize his website provided he has specific technical skills and in particular master the CSS computer language. Also, adding unique features or extensions requires a financial investment.

Safety and security

Websites that have been created on the same CMS platform share the same source code. It is a weakness in terms of security. Hacking into a single webpage compromises the data protection of other websites. Moreover, free access is also a real disadvantage because hackers can penetrate it and carry out their malicious maneuvers more readily.