Why are robotic lawnmowers going to invade our gardens

Why are robotic lawnmowers going to invade our gardens ?

Unlike vacuum cleaners, robotic lawnmowers are still relatively rare in our gardens. Yet they are extremely practical. In addition to mowing the lawn independently, they make less noise than a conventional mower, are more environmentally friendly and will leave your lawn in perfect condition.

How does It work ?

The first thing to do when buying a robotic landmower is to install a boundary wire to delimit the contours of your garden. This step is essential because it is thanks to this cable that you will not find your lawnmower in your neighbour’s garden. There are attempts at mowers without boundary wire but they are not yet sufficiently successful to offer a real advantage over cable mower robots.

Plan the whole afternoon for the installation of this cable and also plan extra wire as the cable may be cut by the mower if it is not properly installed. But don’t worry, the repair is very simple and there are solutions to easily locate a broken peripheral wire.

Once this cable is installed, you will no longer have anything to do except program the mowing days of your robot. Plan to mow about every 2 to 3 days. This is more often than with a conventional mower, but it is because a robotic lawnmower cuts a very low height with each pass. The cut grass is not collected by the mower but is left on the ground. It will serve as a fertilizer to the lawn by degrading and will beautify your lawn.

Robotic lawnmowers are equipped with small razor blades attached to a rotating disc that rotates and cuts the lawn. The mower moves randomly throughout the field, which avoids robot tracks. When the battery is empty, the lawnmower will return to its charging station to fill its battery and return to its task. Mowing a 1000sqm garden can take between 3 and 10 hours depending on the power of the battery that equips the robot but also on the speed at which it moves.

For what type of terrain can a lawnmower robot be used?

A robotic lawnmower can handle garden from less than 500sqm to more than 5000sqm. Count between 500 and 1000€ for a mower capable of managing less than 1500sqm but this can go up to several thousand euros for a mower capable of mowing very large areas.

Le meilleur robot tondeuse can handle slopes of up to 45%. However, if you have stony or very uneven ground, the robot is not recommended because its blades will be damaged very quickly by hitting the stones and it may get stuck in holes. In this case the robot will discharge or stop until you intervene.

If you have a garden divided into several zones, choose your model carefully because not all of them are able to manage multi-zones.

The advantages of a lawnmower robot

The biggest advantage of a robotic landmower is that it can mow your lawn completely independently. No more mowing during the weekends. You will fully enjoy your garden without worrying about its maintenance.

In addition, the mower robots are very quiet, about 60dB, which corresponds to the sound of a conversation. This means you can easily set the mower to work overnight without fear of being woken up or disturbing your neighbours.

Finally, a robotic lawnmower requires very little maintenance. No need to go to the dump to get rid of the cut grass or clean it more than that. A simple brush swipe once a week is enough. The replacement of the blades is to be done 2 to 3 times a year and will only cost you a few euros. The battery life will last you a few years and its replacement is not expensive and can often be done by yourself.


The robotic lawnmower market has been growing at a double-digit annual rate in recent years. Very present in Northern Europe, our country is still to be conquered. But with lower prices and improved performance, more and more garden owners are being seduced, so why not you?