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Truth Social, Donald Trump’s social network, expected this week

According to Reuters, the social network wanted by the former president should be available on the Apple App Store.

Will Donald Trump’s supporters soon have access to the social network of the former U.S. president? The Truth Social application should be available on February 21 on the Apple App Store, according to Reuters. The news agency was indeed able to consult an exchange between testers of this social network and its product manager, who mentioned this date.

Specifically, the social network of Donald Trump should take the flagship features of Twitter, which the former president was a compulsive user before his election in 2016 and during his term. Users will be able to post “Truths” – equivalent to Tweets – and “Retruths”, i.e. shares of publications from other accounts. They will also be able to send each other private messages, receive notifications when certain people post a new “Truth” or block users.

On February 15, the son of the former Republican president published, on Twitter, “Donald Trump’s first post on ‘Truth Social'”. In it, Donald Trump wrote: “Be prepared! Your favorite president will see you again soon!”

Truth social logo
Truth Social logo

Already invested niche

In January 2021, and after the wave of violence that had been observed on Capitol Hill following the election of Democrat Joe Biden, Twitter had made the choice to permanently suspend the account of Donald Trump, just like Facebook and Snapchat. Nine months later, Donald Trump announced his intention to launch his own social network, which would escape the moderation rules of the Silicon Valley giants. On February 4 again, Donald Trump attacked “Big Tech” by targeting Facebook, which according to him “seeks to destroy” the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” movement. “Social Truth will welcome the Freedom Convoy with open arms to communicate freely,” wrote the businessman.

But Truth Social is far from being the only network in the “no censorship” niche. Last year, a former adviser to Donald Trump had already launched Gettr, an ersatz Twitter that prides itself on being uncensored. Parler, a social network also inspired by Twitter and launched in 2018, displays the same promise. This social network, which disappeared from Google and Apple app stores following the Capitol Hill assault, finally became available again on iOS in May 2021, displaying more rigorous moderation.