purpose of your TV's USB outputs

What is the purpose of your TV’s USB outputs? A little-known function that is super useful

First invented in the 20th century, TVs are still one of the most important sources of entertainment and are constantly evolving with new features, such as USB ports. Indeed, these allow you to connect several devices simultaneously to the TV. Nevertheless, these devices have a feature that few people know and use.

In this article, you will discover the function of USB ports and how to make the most of them.

What is the special function of the USB ports on the TV?

The USB port on the TV, in fact, allows you to play different multimedia files. You can insert a USB stick or your external hard drive and listen to music, watch movies and photos, and even read PDF books.

However, it is better to check that the TV supports the different media formats you want to play and operate.

How to play multimedia files via a USB port

Here are the steps to follow to play multimedia files using a USB port on the TV:

  • First, plug the external hard drive or USB stick into one of the USB ports usually present on the back of the TV.
  • Select the USB device with your remote control.
  • Select the media file you want to play.
  • Finally, you can press the back button on the remote control if you want to play another file or media on the USB device connected to the TV.

How do I transfer files from a USB stick to a TV?

You can also transfer files from your cell phone, USB stick, or PC to your smart TV. To do this, simply proceed as follows:

  • Go to the home screen of your smart TV;
  • Go to Settings (usually located at the bottom of your screen);
  • Select “Storage and Reset” under “Device”;
  • Choose the USB drive;
  • Press the button that allows you to migrate the data. Then press 

As you can see, you can browse the USB stick as you would on a PC or a smartphone. If files do not open, it may mean that their format is not supported by the TV. To fix this, you can convert the files to the formats supported by your TV. Note that most LCD, LED, and plasma TVs can play DivX, XviD, Mpeg2, or Mpeg4 (H.264) files.

Although smartphone manufacturers recommend charging the phone using its original charger, you can still charge your mobile via the USB port on your TV.

It’s a simple operation, which consists of connecting the USB cable to the smartphone and then plugging it into the USB port of the TV. As soon as the TV is turned on, your phone will charge.

Finally, be aware that the phone will not charge as quickly as when connected to a conventional phone charger.

health and tech

5 Ways To Improve Your Health Using Technology

Our modern-day technologies have made life significantly easier in a variety of ways. Helping to take out a lot of mental & physical work. Despite these technological wonders, there are disadvantages. With fewer and fewer of us partaking in an active lifestyle, we are seeing a rise in poor health. As society is trending towards obesity and worldwide pandemics affecting health, there has never been a better time to get healthy!

Luckily many companies and inventors are working directly with new technologies to help create health tools. These come in a number of different designs, functions, and applications. All aim to help us get more active, healthy, and confident. In this article, we will explore some of these tools, what they are & how they can help you along your fitness journey.

Waist Trainers

Exploding in popularity in 2015, waist trainers are a spin on an old design! The original corset was popular in early victorian times, squeezing women’s midsections in an uncomfortable manner. Today, modern technology has turned the corset into a comfortable & fashionable exercise tool!

With multiple designs, waist trainers utilize certain materials and technologies to target and burn tummy, hip, and waist fat. With just 30 minutes of use a day, you will notice significant weight loss and a much more overall toned body.

Made to be worn, these new waist trainers are comfortable and flexible, meaning you can use them in a variety of settings. At the gym working out, home studying, or out partying! Waist training technology in the form of these modern-day corsets is a great way for both men and women to get healthy.

Nutrition Apps For Smart Phones

With the rise of smartphones, there has also been a spike in the use of apps. Applications have been around for a number of years, going back to 2006 with the app store! There are a variety of different apps that cater to multiple niches, including fitness. You can find apps that provide nutrition advice, exercise routines, and mental health programs.

We recommend MyFitnessPal, an app that can track your diet, and exercise and keeps you accountable throughout the day. Another bonus feature is the education this app provides, helping you to identify healthy & unhealthy foods. Providing yummy recipes that are easy to prepare and super healthy for you.

Nutri Bullet (any model)

If you are going to track and improve your diet with apps you are going to discover smoothies are a great way to get nutrition in a quick manner. With loads of blenders on the market, the Nutri Bullet is hands down the best! They are clean, work easily, and are easy to take with you no matter the location. Providing a smooth blend when creating protein shakes or smoothies!

Small but powerful, this lightweight portable blender is definitely worth looking into if you want to start taking your diet seriously. This a great example of new technology helping to make us more healthy.

Apple Watch (any series)

The latest apple watches have some amazing technological features, allowing you to monitor your inner body via this wristwatch. Measuring how many steps you take per day, heart rate, peaceful sleep as well as more advanced metrics such as blood oxygen levels! If you are trying to become more healthy this slick little device can provide you with all the precious data you need.

Apple watches also contain multiple other features. These include syncing and playing music, podcasting, and making phone calls. Apps can also be downloaded onto the Apple Watch screen, meaning you can download fitness apps to assist you on your better health journey.

Tangram Jump Rope

We all remember the old schoolyard skipping rope, spending countless hours during lunch skipping away. Well, today this schoolyard classic has had an upgraded! Tangram Jump Rope is a smart rope that accurately tracks and measures every metric while in use. This includes the number of jumps completed, the length of the session, and how many calories were burnt overall.

All this information is actually displayed midair as you use the rope! Done via LED lights embedded in the rope. A truly cool technological features. Winning multiple awards, the Tangram Jump rope is a true example of what can be achieved when you combine new tech with health and fitness.

The best-selling products on the Dark Web

The best-selling products on the dark web

As you know, the Dark Web is full of more or less strange and legal goods and services. This excellent graphic illustrates very well the most sold products on the Dark Web, as well as the price to pay for them. So, will the clichés be confirmed or denied?

Dark Web or Deep Web: Before talking about products, let’s get the definitions straight.

Let’s start by tackling the most common mistake: don’t confuse the dark web and the deep web. The deep web is the submerged part of the Internet iceberg. It is the huge mass of content that is not indexed by conventional search engines. The Dark Web is only a fraction of this deep web. a fraction accessible via what we call “darknets.” In layman’s terms, these are special browsers, the best known being Tor.

To the general public, the Dark Web has an image as dark as its sensationalist name. You should know that it was never about dark traffic but rather about freedom. By accessing another side of the web completely anonymously, we are effectively freed from all attempts at surveillance by private and public groups. This was to be expected: many people have used anonymity to launch criminal enterprises.

Even if the Dark Web is not only used for that, you have to be blind to believe that it is not a huge platform for buying and selling illegal goods and services. Billions of euros are flowing under the radar. In our collective fantasy, one finds on the Dark Web malware, drugs, weapons, or even hitmen ready to act against a large sum of money. Between illusory perceptions and reality, it is difficult to see clearly—at least until now.

Thanks to Privacy Affairs’ extensive data compilation work, a Spaniard named Enrique Mendoza has created a graphic representation that speaks volumes. At a glance, it’s clear which products are the most popular on the Dark Web, particularly their prices.

The Dark Web is less a platform for selling weapons and drugs than for selling information.

Among the top sellers on the Dark Web, there are almost none of the clichés mentioned earlier. If you speak a little English, you will realise that the above graph shows that most of the transactions concern personal data in the broadest sense. Thus, above all, we find trafficking in::

  • Hacked databases, especially banking databases;
  • Passports, driver’s licenses, and false documents in general
  • Netflix premium accounts or other web services (from social networks to adult sites);
  • Cryptocurrency wallets;
  • Websites;
  • Viruses and other malware

Not only do most Dark Web sales not involve the products you might have in mind at first glance, but the sums involved also have nothing to do with the preconceived notions that circulate most. Dark wholesale items are actually extremely rare. In the real world, most goods and services traded on the Dark Web are worth a handful of dollars.

RTX 3060 Ti

RTX 3060 Ti graphic card: no GDDR6, now called GDDR6X?

As we learned at the beginning of November, the RTX 3060 Ti equipped with GDDR6X memory is about to be released. According to the Asian website MyDrivers, this new version will gradually replace the old graphic card version equipped with GDDR6 chips. As long as the price does not increase, it looks like good news for consumers.

RTX 3060 Ti: the end of the GDDR6 version! 

As we saw with Asus earlier this month, the 3060 Ti now now comes equipped with new memory chips. Indeed, the card benefits from faster GDDR6X type memory. The frequency goes from 14 Gbps to 19 Gbps, always on a 256-bit bus. The bandwidth evolves from 448 GB / s to 608 GB / s, an increase of 35%.

Obviously, according to our Asian colleagues, there would be no change in pricing. Especially since the replacement of the old cards will be done gradually … Until stocks of cards in GDDR6 are exhausted.

The case for the small 3060 8GB?

In addition, there was also talk of a second card from this series, the small 3060 8GB. Indeed, in addition to the GDDR6X version, NVIDIA announced an RTX 3060 whose memory capacity was reduced from 12 GB to 8 GB.

The reduction in capacity is accompanied by a change in characteristics. The memory bus goes from 192 bits for the 12GB model to 128 bits. The memory bandwidth is therefore impacted since it goes from 360 GB/s to 240 GB/s.

Now, the question remains to know if this “castrated” version will replace or not the cards equipped with 12 GB of memory. Obviously, no one knows yet, besides, it would be a shame for future buyers from a performance point of view.

What about the pricing? 

For the moment, the prices seem consistent, at least for the 3060 8GB. At Top Achat, we can already spot a Dual version signed Asus displayed 409.99 $ where its 12GB counterpart is 50 $ more expensive. You should expect to pay $429.99 the 12GB model against $389.99 for the 8GB model.

On the other hand, for the RTX 3060 Ti in GDDR6X, things look more complicated. The new version is about 50 $ more expensive than the GDDR6 version.

Where at Asus, for the model TUF Gaming, we find it at 100 $ less. For now, it is difficult to say if the GDDR6X model will be more expensive than the previous version with only two cards referenced.

In any case, the goal of the maneuver is clearly to restore the appeal of NVIDIA cards in the mid-range market. It must be said that since the arrival of Intel, competition in this sector has become tough. Between the Arc A770/750 and the RX 6750 XT, it’s hard to make a place for yourself.

does a vpn affects vpn speeds

Does a VPN slow down my internet connection? Here’s what you need to know!

VPNs are becoming increasingly popular, but they can sometimes slow down your internet connection. Here’s what you need to know about VPNs and their impact on your internet connection.

Why does a VPN slow down your internet connection?

VPN providers are in a fierce battle to offer the best possible service, which is great for users. However, there is one major drawback to this: VPN providers sometimes tend to overload their servers, which can slow down your internet connection considerably.

There are several reasons why a VPN can slow down your Internet connection.
The first is that VPN providers have to handle a huge amount of data. This data has to be encrypted and decrypted, which takes time. In addition, VPN providers also have to manage the incoming and outgoing connections of all their users. This can take a lot of time and bandwidth.

The second reason is that VPN providers tend to overload their servers. They can have too many users on a single server, which can slow down your Internet connection speed considerably. Also, some VPN providers use protocols that are not optimized for Internet traffic, which can also slow down your connection.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that VPN is not a panacea. If you have a bad Internet connection, it’s likely that VPN will only make things worse. That’s why it’s important to find a VPN provider that offers good connection speeds and reliable features.

The different types of VPNs and their effects on your connection

There are different types of VPNs, each with their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of connection speed. Some VPNs are faster than others, but they can also slow down your connection if you don’t have enough bandwidth or if the server is overloaded.

The most common VPNs are Wireguard VPN, OpenVPN and PPTP VPN. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of speed, security and flexibility.

  • Wireguard VPNs are generally faster than other types of VPNs, but they can be more difficult to set up and manage. Also, some routers do not support Wireguard protocols, which can make setting up a Wireguard VPN more difficult.
  • OpenVPN VPNs are generally slower than other types of VPNs, but they offer better security and greater flexibility. OpenVPN is also easier to set up than other types of VPNs, making it ideal for beginners.
  • PPTP VPNs are generally the fastest of the three VPN types, but they are not as flexible as the other VPN types. PPTP is also easier to set up than the other VPN types, which makes it ideal for beginners.

If you need a fast and reliable VPN, Wireguard is probably the best choice. If you need a more flexible and secure VPN, OpenVPN is probably the best choice. If you need a VPN that is easy to configure, PPTP is probably the best choice.

How to improve your Internet connection speed when using a VPN

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. Your Internet connection speed can slow down when you use a VPN for a number of reasons. In this article, we will show you how to improve your Internet connection speed when using a VPN.

Reasons why your VPN may slow down your Internet connection

There are several reasons why your VPN may slow down your Internet connection. Some of the most common ones include:

VPN server is overloaded: If the VPN server is overloaded, it can slow down your connection. This usually happens when many users connect to the same server at the same time. To avoid this problem, try connecting to a different server or try switching VPN providers.

Your VPN provider is slow: Some VPN providers are simply slower than others. If you are using a slow VPN, it is likely that your Internet connection is also slow. To avoid this problem, try switching VPN providers.

Your device is cluttered: If your device is cluttered, it can also slow down your Internet connection. This usually happens if you have too many apps open at the same time or if you have too many files saved on your device. To avoid this problem, close unnecessary applications and delete unnecessary files from your device.

Your Internet connection is bad: If your Internet connection is bad, it can also slow down your connection. This usually happens if you are far from the network or if the network is saturated. To avoid this problem, try connecting to a different network or try moving your device closer to the network.

How to improve the speed of your Internet connection when using a VPN

There are several ways to improve the speed of your Internet connection when using a VPN. Some of the most common include:

Choose a server close to your location: If you choose a server close to your location, it can improve the speed of your connection. This happens because there is less traffic on nearby servers and the data has to travel a shorter distance. To choose a server close to your location, check the list of available servers in the VPN software or contact the VPN provider’s technical support.

Find more tips by visiting VPN Creative website to find the latest VPN tests and tips!

Xiaomi 13 Pro

Xiaomi 13 Pro specifications about to be revealed!

The Xiaomi 13 will logically be the next generation of high-end smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer. And the specifications of the Pro model are already beginning to be revealed.

The presentation of the future generation 8 Gen 2 of the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, scheduled in two weeks, raises the question of the first smartphones that will be equipped with the mobile SoC. And the Xiaomi 13 Pro is said to be high on the list.

A slighty bigger screen

According to Yogesh Brar, a contributor to the well-informed 91mobiles, we should expect a smartphone with a 6.73-inch screen, which is just as large as the Xiaomi 12 Pro, which has a 6.28-inch display. The Xiaomi 13 Pro would be entitled to an Oled LTPO panel, with a dynamic refresh rate, and offering a 2K definition. Betting largely on its display, the smartphone would not forget the power, with its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip accompanied by 8 to 12 GB of RAM, while its storage would amount to 128, 256 or 512 GB. To support these elements, it would have to rely on a 4800 mAh battery compatible with a fast charge at 120 W, as was the case with the battery of the 12 Pro.

Leica camera

This draft spec sheet focuses on the photo component of this Xiaomi 13 Pro. While to date, only the Xiaomi 12S Ultra takes advantage of the partnership between the Chinese manufacturer and Leica, the model 13 would also benefit. The know-how of the German specialist would be applied to a triple photo module with three 50-megapixel sensors, the first of which, of one inch, would be the Sony IMX989 already seen in the 12S Ultra. Two other sensors of 50 MP each would be associated, one with an ultra-wide angle lens, the other with a telephoto lens. The Surge C2 chip from Xiaomi would complete the set to process the shots.

Remember that the 12 range, released in spring 2022 in Europe, had been announced in late December in China. It could therefore be that the officialization of this very likely series 13 will take place in the coming weeks in the Middle Kingdom.

Black Friday 2022 deals

Everything You Need to Know About Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is a huge shopping event that takes place each year. It is the time when retailers and consumers alike will find the most amazing bargains. The majority of Black Friday sales start the first week of November. In 2022, the holiday is set to be dominated by online shopping, with most sales beginning much earlier.

Deals start popping up well before the official Black Friday date in 2022

The official Black Friday date in 2022 will be on November 25th, but deals will start popping up even before then. In fact, most major retailers will begin to offer deals as early as the first week of November. This means you can expect to see Black Friday sales from Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon weeks before the official date. The best Black Friday deals will vary based on the product you’re looking for.

Everything you need to know about black friday 2022

The earliest ads are usually posted on the internet around mid-October. However, the bulk of promotions start to appear in the second or third week of November. You may even see some advertisements appear during the week of Thanksgiving. Regardless of when the Black Friday dates are announced, it’s important to start planning your shopping early and making a shopping list. The best deals will be available for those who start their Black Friday shopping early according to this blog.

With the official Black Friday date in 2022 looming, online retailers are preparing for a big holiday shopping season. The event is known for its low prices and huge discounts.

Online shopping will dominate in 2022

It is hard to predict how the mix of brick-and-mortar and online shopping will balance out on Black Friday 2022, but a few trends are obvious. First, with the economy in trouble and rising costs, shoppers are expected to be less generous with their spending power this holiday season. Secondly, the trend of buy now, pay later has become a popular option. Companies like Klarna and Afterpay have introduced programs that allow customers to spread the cost of a purchase over several months without incurring interest. Last year, Black Friday 2021, BNPL payments rose by 105% and are expected to increase again in 2022.

Despite this trend, there will still be plenty of in-person shopping opportunities. The number of people traveling for Black Friday 2022 will likely remain steady as consumers adjust to the convenience of shopping online. Moreover, many marketers will need to adapt their marketing strategies to reflect this trend. Retailers should focus on integrating online and offline shopping into their marketing campaigns to reach more consumers.

Deals are often limited in quantity

While Black Friday 2022 is still a few years away, it is still a good idea to start planning ahead and get ready to purchase some new items on sale. While it is still a little early, you can expect that there will be some limited quantity items on sale. The most popular deals will be found in electronic and home appliances. Other items that you might want to check out are clothing and bedding. Many stores will also offer deals on office supplies and high-end electronics.

It is important to remember that Black Friday 2022 deals are often limited in quantity and can end quickly. It is important to research the products you wish to purchase before making a final decision. The best ways to maximize your savings are to do some research on each product and check the availability of its discounted versions. Some retailers raise prices from August through October, so you need to make sure you do your homework.

It is essential to shop early on Black Friday because many items will go out of stock before Thanksgiving. Buying early also means you can grab items on sale while there is still plenty of inventory available.

Return policies

In terms of holiday sales, Black Friday is an exciting time of year for many retailers. It’s also a time for impulsive purchases, so it’s crucial for retailers to have a good return policy. It’s estimated that nearly one in three shoppers will return an item after making a purchase. While it may seem like an impossible task, retailers have created a safety net for these purchases.

Traditionally, the easiest way to get a refund is to return items purchased online. However, not all retailers have brick-and-mortar locations, and some shoppers live in areas with limited access to shopping centers. For these shoppers, retailers are experimenting with new return models. Many have partnered with companies like Happy Returns or UPS Store 360 Returns to allow shoppers to initiate returns at an alternate location. This allows shoppers to return items unboxed, which often means faster refunds.

Some stores, like Macy’s, offer free returns up to a year after purchase. Others have a longer return period. However, you’ll still need to bring the original packaging with you if you’re returning an item from a holiday sale.

Google Watch

What We Know So Far About the New Google Watch

Google has not released many details about its new smartwatch, but what we do know is that it will have a Qualcomm Exynos 9110 SoC and a co-processor, and a battery that will last at least a day. The new smartwatch should also have a companion app and support for fast pairing.

Osterloh also showed off a demo of the Assistant on the watch, which responds to a simple weather request. In addition, the Pixel Watch will have an LTE connection, which means that it will be able to give you directions without a phone. It will also have Google Wallet, enabling you to pay for things without a wallet.

Speculation has been plentiful about the new watch, and leaks have already begun to surface. The Google Pixel Watch is expected to have a circular face, going against Apple’s tradition of a rectangular design. It will feature a single button on the face, and a small rotating crown on the right side. The crown may be used for navigation, or to control the voice assistant. Other rumors indicate that the new watch could have a 1.5GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

The Pixel Watch will also feature a proprietary band. It will be made of recycled stainless steel, and its bands will connect to the watch face through a twisting mechanism. It will also feature a variety of colors, including black, white, and gray. Google is also said to be working on several different types of bands for the new smartwatch, including fabric and Milanese bands. There is no word yet on whether any of these bands will be available on the market, but we will know more when it finally reaches the public.

What we know so far about the new Google Watch

The smartwatch will be running on the Wear OS platform. Google did not reveal specific details about the watch’s software capabilities, but executives described it as fluid and easy to use. It will be voice-enabled and glanceable, and it will include features such as Google Assistant.

The Pixel Watch’s display is a round display, with a domed glass top. Its body is made from recycled stainless steel and has a tactile scrolling crown. The Pixel Watch is expected to be around half an inch thick and 1.5 inches wide. The display is expected to be at least one inch wide, but there are no details on the resolution or glass protection. The device also features a bottle-cap-shaped crown on the side, a long speaker grill, and two circular cutouts on the left edge.

The new Google Watch will feature built-in fitness tracking from Fitbit. It will offer features such as sleep tracking and continuous heart rate tracking. It will also have a “Daily Readiness Score” feature to indicate if you’re ready for a workout or not.

different cloud computing available

What are the different types of cloud computing?

Digital technology and its tools have enabled a radical transformation of business processes. Since the advent of the Internet, the arrival of the smartphone, and the increase in network performance, it is now possible to work from anywhere in the world while accessing collaborative tools, applications, or company data. This is made possible by the various types of cloud computing. What are they, and how do you choose? Answers.

Cloud technology is an essential tool for the productivity of modern connected companies.

Today, the cloud is a central player in the life of companies. This tool for extracting, collecting, and sharing data allows all the ambitious and mobile companies of our time to facilitate their employees’ working life while improving their processes’ efficiency. This trend was already in vogue before, but the health crisis has only strengthened it, pushing companies in all sectors to equip themselves with different types of cloud computing.

An enterprise cloud solution must therefore be chosen carefully to meet specific needs. Each type of cloud always consists of a management platform, an operating system, and programming interfaces. Depending on individual needs, virtualization and automation software can be added continually to optimize employees’ work and make communication between the various teams more fluid.

Different types of cloud computing for other purposes

Among the different types of cloud computing, the best known are public clouds, created by large IT organizations and not belonging to the client company. This category of cloud has historically been run off-site, although methods are evolving, increasingly narrowing the difference between a public and a private cloud.

The private cloud is defined as an environment linked explicitly to a company or a group of structures that benefit from the exclusivity of its use. This time, cloud solutions are run behind the user’s firewall, although usage is changing again, and new types of hybrid clouds are emerging. This category of cloud is more flexible in use because it results from the connection of several environments via networks. Finally, multi-clouds are broader tools, including hybrid clouds, making it possible to take advantage of additional functions.

How to choose a cloud solution?

As you can see, the different types of cloud computing allow you to choose from a wide variety of solutions that do not all offer the same functionalities. Generally speaking, private clouds, such as those provided by the top actors in this market, are often considered more secure because the user’s security tools protect them. In addition, how these tools are used is evolving, allowing you to maintain security while benefiting from better ergonomics. More on security and website hosting here!

Choosing a cloud solution also means taking into account the accessibility of your data. With the best solutions available on the market, you will only have access to the image of your data on the cloud, which allows you to work flexibly without ever jeopardizing your company’s structures and resources.

Truth social

Truth Social, Donald Trump’s social network, expected this week

According to Reuters, the social network wanted by the former president should be available on the Apple App Store.

Will Donald Trump’s supporters soon have access to the social network of the former U.S. president? The Truth Social application should be available on February 21 on the Apple App Store, according to Reuters. The news agency was indeed able to consult an exchange between testers of this social network and its product manager, who mentioned this date.

Specifically, the social network of Donald Trump should take the flagship features of Twitter, which the former president was a compulsive user before his election in 2016 and during his term. Users will be able to post “Truths” – equivalent to Tweets – and “Retruths”, i.e. shares of publications from other accounts. They will also be able to send each other private messages, receive notifications when certain people post a new “Truth” or block users.

On February 15, the son of the former Republican president published, on Twitter, “Donald Trump’s first post on ‘Truth Social'”. In it, Donald Trump wrote: “Be prepared! Your favorite president will see you again soon!”

Truth social logo
Truth Social logo

Already invested niche

In January 2021, and after the wave of violence that had been observed on Capitol Hill following the election of Democrat Joe Biden, Twitter had made the choice to permanently suspend the account of Donald Trump, just like Facebook and Snapchat. Nine months later, Donald Trump announced his intention to launch his own social network, which would escape the moderation rules of the Silicon Valley giants. On February 4 again, Donald Trump attacked “Big Tech” by targeting Facebook, which according to him “seeks to destroy” the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” movement. “Social Truth will welcome the Freedom Convoy with open arms to communicate freely,” wrote the businessman.

But Truth Social is far from being the only network in the “no censorship” niche. Last year, a former adviser to Donald Trump had already launched Gettr, an ersatz Twitter that prides itself on being uncensored. Parler, a social network also inspired by Twitter and launched in 2018, displays the same promise. This social network, which disappeared from Google and Apple app stores following the Capitol Hill assault, finally became available again on iOS in May 2021, displaying more rigorous moderation.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max: the mini streaming box evolves smoothly

Amazon adds the Fire TV Stick 4K Max to its catalogue of multimedia boxes. The little stick dedicated to streaming content evolves smoothly: faster, it benefits from wifi six and a push of buttons on its remote control.

We might as well say it straight out; Amazon isn’t changing its formula with the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Thus, we find a minor key dedicated to multimedia streaming that takes the form of the Fire TV Stick 4K, released in 2019. Support for 4K content at 60 fps with HDR management (Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG) is still part of the package, as is the management of Dolby Atmos audio signals.

Four points of differentiation are notable, however, starting with the embedded chip. The MediaTek MT8695 SoC from the Fire TV Stick 4K is swapped for the MT8696, a newer version that features a higher operating frequency on the processor (+100 MHz) and a more peachy graphics circuit. The RAM gains 512 MB and is now 2 GB, accompanied by 8 GB of storage space.

The communication part also evolves; Amazon has decided to offer the support of wifi 6, faster than the wifi 5 embedded on the other models of Fire TV Stick. With a box or a suitable router, the switch to wifi six promises better management of 4K video streams at high speed. Bluetooth 5.0/LE is still supported.

Finally, the last evolution concerns the remote control, which essentially gains new buttons for immediate access to Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Music apps. A Guide button has also been added to the remote control. Without further precision from the manufacturer, we can imagine that it will allow us to note the program guide in the compatible apps. We also find the microphone, which can be activated via the Alexa button; this has the effect of launching the eponymous virtual assistant.

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is already on pre-order, but deliveries will only start from October 7, 2021. Let’s bet that Amazon will not fail to offer this new streaming box at a lower price per period.

Cannabis is no longer smoked, it is vaporized

Smoking a joint could soon become a thing of the past. More and more consumers are turning to an already trendy alternative in the United States: the herb vaporizer. An option that specialists describe as “healthier”, but against which some researchers warn.

Cannabis is known to be the most consumed illicit product in our society. It is sometimes smoked as is. But most often, mixed with tobacco, rolled in a kind of cigarette in the shape of a cone: the famous joint or firecracker that we make a turn for a collective sharing or consume in solitary.

Remember that if the consumption of cannabis is prohibited, it is because of its psychotropic effects. This last one acts indeed on the central nervous system getting at first a feeling of well-being and appeasement, accompanied by light drowsiness, and sometimes also, of an increase of the cardiac rhythm, of a fall of the blood pressure and the sugar level in blood. And when the joint contains tobacco, it is necessary to associate the related risks.

So, to consume cannabis “healthier”, some people nowadays opt for vaporization – we should more accurately speak of sublimation, but here, in this case, no combustion and no tobacco. The pure herb, chopped up finely, is heated between 150 and 200 °C. The consumer then sucks in a vapour rich in gustatory and psychoactive substances, unpolluted by combustion products, which starts at only about 230°C.

Is a cannabis vaporizer healthier than a joint?

The operation takes place in a vaporizer that sometimes looks like an electronic cigarette powered by a battery. It can also take the form of an indoor vaporizer, initially imagined for therapeutic use. Another advantage for free riders: the vapour that escapes from it is almost odourless.

And according to a recent study conducted by American researchers, the consumption of vaporized cannabis would have psychotropic effects much more important than the consumption of joints. The participants in the study reported more side effects (increased heart rate, paranoia, hunger, red eyes, etc.) and a more pronounced alteration of their ability to think and control their movements. This result is explained by a higher concentration of THC in the blood: 14.4 ng/mL versus 10.2 ng/mL.

Pax 3 model and already vaped bud

“The difference between a person getting the desired drug effect and a drug effect that is too strong, potentially producing paranoia and uncomfortable effects, is often small. This may be more likely with cannabis vaporizers,” warns Tory Spindle, a researcher at John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, USA. So the argument of “safer” use may be an illusion. In general, it would be wise to use smaller amounts of cannabis in a vaporizer than in a joint.

Infrequent users should be very cautious when choosing to vaporize weed. You can find more on this topic of vaporization by reading Ganja Times website.

new color OS

OPPO introduces ColorOS 12: what’s new in the Android 12-based interface?

OPPO has unveiled the new version of its smartphone overlay: ColorOS 12. Based on Android 12, it brings some new features to OPPO’s smartphones, and hints at what OnePlus has in store for its smartphones.

While Samsung kicked off the Android 12-based One UI 4 beta earlier this week, OPPO is now following suit with the announcement of ColorOS 12, the new update to its smartphone interface. However, unlike Samsung, the ColorOS 12 beta will only be available in China.

As is often the case with betas, this one is aimed more at developers and tech-savvy users than at the general public, but we can already see what new features OPPO has added to its overlay.

What’s new in Coloros 12?

First of all, OPPO focused on its new “Infinite Design”, which doesn’t look like Google’s Material You, which will arrive with Android 12 on the Pixel. This one brings new acrylic icons, increased contrast and “distinctive color shades”. There is also an Omoji feature that works similarly to the AR Emoji feature on some Samsung smartphones. The latter allows users to create their personalized 3D avatar.

Oppo has decided to redesign the Smart Sidebar. The new version integrates new tools, such as a price comparison when you make online purchases, or an online song reload feature when you use the Music Player app. Not surprisingly, ColorOS also brings new animations, which aim to make smartphones even smoother.

With ColorOS 12, users will also be able to experience Cross-Screen Interconnection, a feature that allows users to access their smartphone from a computer. OPPO promises a transfer rate of 45 Mb/s, which means you can send about 500 photos from your phone to your PC in just one minute.

Finally, ColorOS also takes advantage of Android 12’s new security features, including getting permission reminders when third-party apps use your mic, location and camera. Since OnePlus recently announced that its OxygenOS overlay will now be based on the same source code as ColorOS, we expect all of OPPO’s new UI features to arrive on OnePlus’ smartphones later this year.

Get your iPhone ready, iOS 15 is coming in a few days!

The new version of the iPhone’s operating system is coming in a few days, on September 20.

Shortly after Apple’s back-to-school keynote and its many new products, including the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro, the new iPads and the Apple Watch Series 7, the Cupertino-based company is getting ready to launch the final version of its new version of iOS on September 20.

The good news is that you don’t need to buy a new iPhone 13 to enjoy it. iOS 15 will be available on all iPhones since the iPhone 6S, which was released nearly six years ago.

Here are all the compatible models:

  • iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE 1st and 2nd generation
  • iPod Touch 7th generation

iOS 15 offers a large number of new features, including a new Focus mode to reduce daytime distractions, a new notification center, the arrival of “Live Text” to copy and paste text from a photo, a redesign of many apps such as Maps, Weather or Safari, and new features for iMessage and FaceTime.

On September 20, iOS 15 will be released in its final version, just like iPadOS 15, its equivalent for the Apple tablet. The latter offers a few more new features, such as Quick Note, the arrival of widgets on the home screen and Universal Control. This impressive function, which allows you to display the pointer of your Mac running macOS Monterey on your iPad, will not be available as soon as iPadOS 15 is launched.

All iPhones, from the 6s to the 12 Pro Max, will be able to install iOS 15 starting September 20. On the same day, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15 and watchOS 7 will also be rolled out.

Announced in June at WWDC, iOS 15 will be available on September 20. Unlike last year, when Apple released the new version of its operating system the day after its conference, this time there will be a more normal delay between the keynote and the release of the new iOS. It must be said that, last year, this 24-hour launch had upset many developers (their applications had not had time to be approved by Apple).

By next Monday, they should have time to finalize their applications to allow them to exploit the new features of Apple’s 2021 OS.

iOS and iPadOS on the same day

Available on all iPhones from the 6s onwards (a smartphone released in 2015!), iOS 15 brings some interesting new features such as the “Focus” mode to reduce the number of notifications you receive, a redesign of the Notification Center with a new, more sober interface, some redesigned applications (Maps, Weather, Safari, etc.) or “Live Text” to copy and paste text from a photo or any screenshot.

Some iOS 15 features, such as SharePlay to watch a movie with several people during a FaceTime call or Private Relay to hide your IP address will be available later.

gemini software for macintosh

Gemini 2 Mac Software for Mac

If you are someone with a Mac, you have likely heard about Gemini 2 mac software. One of the problems with storage, especially when you are limited in that department, is keeping enough space clear for your essential applications and files. This is where softwares like Gemini 2 comes into play to supprimer les doublons sous mac. With Gemini 2, you never have to worry about your storage being cluttered by duplicates. It can automatically detect duplicate files and is one of the best and easiest ways to free up a lot of space for storage on your mac with the simple push of a button.

Below, we will be going over more about this software.

Information About Gemini 2 Mac Software:

1. Getting Rid Of Duplicates.

As noted above, one of its significant features is its ability to detect duplicate files anywhere on your computer automatically. Because of this, it will help to free up a lot of storage space without having to delete any necessary files or applications. The software will quickly scan and detect duplicates and provide you with a thorough breakdown of its findings. It will allow you to review the results and see whether or not you want to remove it. You can quickly compare the two files to ensure they are identical.

2. Work More Intelligently.

Another good thing about this software is its ability to help you do all of this much faster and more intelligently than you could on your own. It offers a feature called Smart Cleanup which can automatically purge anything that is selected as a duplicate. It alone will help to get the job done even faster than reviewing the files on your own. At the same time, it can streamline the entire process for you. However, there are times where you will not want to use this feature such as when looking for photo duplicates because these can be misleading and you will want to examine them before deleting them thoroughly.

Should You Get It?

This software is great utility software that can help streamline the organization of your Mac. Because it can free up storage in a very efficient and effective manner, it is a good buy for anyone that is not looking to invest in external hard drives to store their files or media. Also, if you are not looking to utilize cloud storage, you might want to consider something like this.

The software itself is smarter than ever, and it can make finding duplicates easier than it has ever been. However, you are still going to want to do things the old-fashioned way if you are looking to delete photos because you might want similar looking pictures. At the same time, you can still single out these probable duplicates which make the entire process more efficient and effective.

In conclusion, Gemini 2 is an excellent option for any Mac owner that wants to organize his/her Mac much easier than ever before.

Author Dennis Kale on Controlling the Power of Big Tech

DENNIS KALE IS the author of Blank World, a review of the power held by the huge tech business, and the way it is used in our lives. He just recently talked about the book with SHANNON 100 Editor-in-Chief James Poler at the Milestone Museum. Modified excerpts follow:

James Poler: Your book is extremely vital of the technology market. But in the start, it quickly explains an enthusiastic vision for the manner in which technology might bring people together. Do you think that the result we have now was unavoidable? Can you make the argument that there was a fork in the roadway eventually, or an error that someone made?

Dennis Kale: There’s no reason there needs to be one online search engine or one social media network or one store that we purchase all our crap from. It’s possible to picture a world where there’s in fact competition. So part of it pertains to the minute that the web was born. Not just did it have an idea of itself, a utopian goal, but the web was privatized [in the late 1980s] at a minute when we considered federal government as obstructing, when guideline was something that might just decrease development.

JP: Explain what you do not like about our pals at Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple – because your argument is more intricate than it’s often depicted.

DK: My argument is that these businesses inhabit a crucial place in our democracy, that these business stand in between us and details, that these business are different than the monopolies that had actually preceded for a couple different factors: One is that they desire incorporate whatever. Which sounds conspiratorial which sounds insane, but think about: Google began as the company that was going to arrange understanding. Amazon set out to be whatever store, but that’s simply little potatoes. So they power the cloud. They’re a film studio. They own your natural supermarket now. Which objective I think is eventually most noticeable in the method which they wish to become your personal assistant: They wish to wake you in the early morning and they have their little boxes with their expert system that you’re in discussion with all throughout the day.

Now these things are remarkable and these are unbelievable effectiveness and, in a great deal of methods, they’ve made our lives far better. But the argument of my book is: Just because these business have actually provided great things for us, and even if we can take a look at them as amazing developments, does not mean that we need to be blind to the dark side.

DK: I need to inquire about antitrust. James resembles a buddy of mine who composed a book about al-Qaeda that came out like right before 9/11. I mean this is great timing. James puts out his book like right at the minute when the entire world begins to concentrate on antitrust.

JP: It’s sort of amusing because when I began, I seemed like people took a look at me strange when I stated I was going to compose a book crucial of these business. Today, a man on the radio recently implicated me of mouthing traditional knowledge.

DK: The issue with antitrust is that typically under American law, you need to make things bad for customers. And these businesses make things fantastic for customers. Google is free. Facebook? I have not ever paid a cent to Facebook. Amazon? They’re cutting costs left and right.