Why the iPhone 9 may be a good idea for the current Apple lineup?

It is the unexpected iPhone of the early 2020s. According to some rumors, an iPhone 9 is in the books for Apple. The opportunity to come back on the reasonable arguments that could make the smartphone.

It is in about a month that the iPhone 9 will be marketed. A smartphone source of many rumors and the promise for the firm of Cupertino to record additional sales, especially in the face of the meteoric rise of Huawei – not to mention a Samsung still in the lead. The iPhone 9 would be a real surprise for Apple, with a possible launch in March, while its lineup is usually presented in September. Not to mention that the smartphone would be an exception to the models currently on the market. The opportunity to answer the question: why the iPhone 9 may be a good idea for the current Apple range?

No notch for the iPhone 9

However, it is an aesthetic choice, to make up for the presence of imposing 3D sensors, which had been launched with the iPhone X: that of the notch, democratized on the high-end market, even if some manufacturers offer more discreet alternatives – like Samsung.

Aesthetically speaking, the iPhone 9 would follow the lines of the iPhone 8, considered Apple’s “good student” when it was released, with no notch (and therefore no Face ID, 3D facial recognition, but the Touch ID). The smartphone had sold well and is considered a compendium of the Cupertino firm’s best proposals. The iPhone 9 would start with the same arguments.

A much more attractive price of 400 dollars

As we know, iPhones are expensive products with a luxurious image. At least much more expensive than the competition, where the cost of smartphones tends to decrease over time. Rumor has it that the iPhone 9 is expected to be priced at an attractive $400, half the price of the iPhone 11 – which is, however, currently being offered at a discount. A way to enter the ecosystem of the Cupertino firm or renew its model already stamped Apple. This price can also be seen as a riposte to the pricing policy of Chinese giants: Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei.

Reduced screen size, the best argument?

At a time when smartphones all have large slabs, also on the mid-range side, the reduced size of the iPhone 9’s screen maybe its best argument. Because many people regret the abandonment of these small panels, which is only getting stronger with the gradual advent of foldable smartphones, Samsung is moving in this direction with its Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. Apple would, therefore, take a different turn, its trademark, to hope to sell an iPhone 9 much smaller than its recent predecessors: iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, etc.. A significant asset.

A13 chip, will it boost iPhone sales?

Other rumors around the iPhone 9 mention the presence of an A13 chip, the same one that equips the latest iPhone 11, coupled with 3 GB of RAM. Even if this RAM may seem ridiculous compared to other high-end models, it is at the level of optimization that Apple can play its best card. After all, the iOS ecosystem is one of the best on the market and will have contributed to the success of the iPhone. Not to mention that this mid-range orientation with an iPhone 9 could help the Cupertino firm to boost its sales, below expectations, especially since the dazzling breakthrough of Huawei!